Scott Baio Claims He Was Physically Attacked Over Trump Support

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Scott Baio

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Scott Baio, who, if you are a certain age, you may remember as “Chachi” on Happy Days, has filed a police report claiming that the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith.

According to the report, Nancy Mack approached Scott Baio at a charity event and began asking how he could support Donald Trump. Baio is of course known as being one of Trump’s earliest and most ardent celebrity supporters, which in Hollywood is something of an unpopular position to hold.

Mack specifically took issue with the way Trump treats women and referenced the now infamous “grab ’em by the p**sy” remark. According to Baio, Nancy repeatedly yelled the phrase at the top of her voice. After he asked her to stop, she replied that it was important everyone in the room was aware that that is how Trump talks, which unless they have been under a rock since October, they are.

Baio says that Mack then attacked him physically, grabbing him under the arms and shoving him while trying to show him how Donald Trump hugs women… whatever that means. Either way, the local sheriff’s department is looking into the incident as a battery case.

In the meantime, Baio has been doing the conservative news circuit in order to make the maximum amount of political hay while they sun is shining on him.

But with the election finally over, it’s a shame to see to see that the country hasn’t come back together the way we all hoped it would and that we are still very much divided by Trump’s win. But come on Hollywood C- list celebrities, we need you guys to lead us in that kind of reconciliation.

After all, so many…well some… uh… people probably look up to you. And they need your example.

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