Kanye West Hospitalized

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Kanye West

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Kanye West has been hospitalized after suffering what seems to be a mental breakdown. Kanye was admitted into the hospital after suffering from “exhaustion” this week. The incident follows a series of bizzare performances where he ranted about politics and Beyonce and then left halfway through the show. The rest of his tour has already been cancelled, but Kanye’s insurance will be picking up the tab.

On the one hand, this isn’t really all that surpising. Kanye has long been doing things that could be described as “eccentric” at best and “unhinged” at worse. And people around him have been telling him he needs therapy for some time.

Other the other hand, I feel sort of bad about the way I have covered Kanye’s episode, along with other celebrity news sources. When it seemed like Kanye was just doing weird things because he was an eccentric millionaire rapper with a massive ego, it was funny- and maybe even right – to step back and laugh, if only to help remind him that he was bound by the same rules of ettiquette as everyone else. But now that it’s obvious he is mentally ill on some level, it seems mean.

There’s a rule in comedy: Don’t punch down. That basically means, don’t go after people who are vulnerable. Don’t make fun of someone for something outside their control. It’s why you can make fun of Donald Trump’s skin( specifically how it looks like a dried apricot). Donald Trump is a powerful guy and can stop getting spray tanned anytime he wants. But you can’t make fun of Lindsey Lohan for her well-documented and crippling drug problem. That’s not something she really controls and she doesn’t really have the star power to not be sympathetic anymore.

And that’s what’s going on with Kanye. He probably has an actual mental illness, and he hopefully will get some help for it. So, I’m sorry Kanye. And I hope you get better.

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