Kanye Announces 2020 Run

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Kanye West is…insane. Right? I mean we can all agree at this point that there is something off about him.

It’s something we’ve covered several times on this site. And now it looks like Kanye may have topped himself.

At a recent concert for his new Saint Pablo tour, Kanye derailed the entire show so that he could go on a lengthy rant about his admiration for Donald Trump.

From accounts of people at the concert, it sounds like he would stop the show after every song or so to do a little pontificating. The first time was so that he could announce that he didn’t vote.

Which is interesting, since most celebrities like to pretend to care about asking people to vote. So on that level, it’s nice to hear someone famous just say “Eh, I didn’t really care enough to vote.”

But it sounds like Kanye is beginning to regret not voting since he said that he wants everyone to know that he would have voted for Trump. He noted that Trump’s dedication to change through conflict was something he admired.

He also reportedly told African Americans to just get over the fact that America was racist.

The reaction of the crowd was mixed upon hearing that. Some cheered, many booed. Someone even hit Kanye with some kind of thrown projectile.

In response, he threatened to end the concert and asked whether “he was allowed to have an opinion.”

He is indeed, and please, don’t throw things at Kanye West. But it seems like most of the people at the concert were most upset by the fact that Kanye was politically evangelizing instead of performing. Some even got so upset that they left.

And perhaps the craziest thing was that he publically pledged to run for President in 2020. Hopefully, that is one of those things he won’t follow through on because America is not doing so great with keeping lunatics out of the oval office right now.


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