Justin Bieber Formally Indicted

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Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is in some serious trouble in Latin America, and shockingly it’s not because of the time he pulled his pants down at a tourist site in Mexico.

Bieber has just been issued a formal indictment by a judge in Argentina, which means he has been officially charged with a crime and will be arrested if he ever tries to enter the country. The charge is that Beiber was responsible for orchestrating an attack on a photographer and then stealing his gear.

According to the court, Bieber told his bodyguards to beat up the man and get his camera, and then they proceeded to do just that. Of course he is well known for being extremely hostile to paparazzi, which is easy to understand on one level, but apparently, he has graduated to hiring goons to attack them.

And it makes sense that Justin would want a little extra muscle to handle these scuffles since his owns attempts at fighting haven’t gone so well in the past.

Bieber was asked to testify in the case back in 2014 and then was issued an arrest warrant for failure to appear shortly afterward when he didn’t show up. The difference now is that Bieber has formally been charged with criminal assault and if he is arrested in Argentina he would presumably face a trial.

And that’s bad news for Justin who has just scheduled a South American leg of his new tour. His lawyers are already fighting the indictment and hope to get it thrown out, which would mean that the good people of Argentina would not be deprived of Justin’s talents, though the countries photographers would probably sleep a little more soundly if he was never able to set foot in Argentina again.

Hopefully, for Justin, it’s not too late to say sorry.



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