Joe McKnight Shot In Road Rage Incident

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Former NFL running back Joe McKnight was killed this week in an incident that witnesses are saying was caused by road rage.

The 28-year-old football star was driving in the New Orleans area when he and another driver got into some kind of altercation. According to a witness, the driver, who has been identified as a 54-year-old man, pulled out a gun and shot McKnight, and then shot him again while he was on the ground saying, “I told you not to f**k with me.”

The police arrived on the scene shortly afterward and began investigating the crime. The police concluded that the other driver definitely shot McKnight, but have not concluded that the shooting meets the legal grounds of murder. Apparently, they believe that there may have been unusual circumstances that made the shooting a possible act of self-defense.

It seems like the police are not pursuing this as a murder since they let the suspect go without charges. At the moment, they have not decided whether or not they are going to move for an indictment. So, it seems like this will probably not end up going to trial unless new evidence emerges.

Joe McKnight had a successful career in the NFL. He began as a start high school running back and was considered one of the best running backs in the entire country. He then went to USC where he played for the school’s team. He was drafted by the New York Jets and was an integral part of the team.

He retired a few years ago after a successful career and was remembered by friends and family as a good man. And this incident marks a tragic end to what was a promising life. So let’s all take a moment to remember Joe McKnight, and hope that justice is served in this case.


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