Jim Carrey Sued For Wrongful Death

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Image: Wikimedia

Jim Carrey has just been sued by the mother of an ex-girlfriend who died in 2014. The suit is alleging that Carrey bears responsibility in the wrongful death of the woman who OD’ed after allegedly learning that she had contracted 3 different STD’s.

According to the suit, after learning that she had been infected two forms of Herpes and Chlamydia, the woman then contacted Carrey to complain that he had infected her. Carry then allegedly broke up with her claiming that she had “become too much drama.”

The basis of the suit that the woman’s mother filing is that the combination of learning that she had been infected by STD’s and the rejection by Carrey combined to drive the woman to suicide.

Carrey, for his part, is arguing that he bears no responsibility, either for infecting her with STD’s or for her suicide.

It is also evidently the case that the drugs that she OD’ed on were allegedly Carrey’s, having been obtained under a pseudonym.

The lawsuit is the actually the second filed against Carrey in this case. The woman’s husband filed suit against him earlier making the same allegations that Carrey was responsible for her death.

According to Carrey the lawsuit being filed by the woman’s husband is a simple attempt to shake him down using the legal system. He also argued that the man was in a shame marriage that was motivated purely by a desire to get around the county’s immigration laws. Carrey refused to settle in the case which is ongoing.

Carrey is likely to refuse to settle this case as well and it is likely that unless Carrey is found directly responsible for the woman’s death he will not be held liable for damages in this case or in the previous lawsuit that was filed against him.

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