Jennifer Lawrence Did A Bad Thing With Her Butt

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Jennifer Lawrence

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The native Hawaiians, in the era before colonialism slowly eroded their native culture and turned them into an American state, held many natural formations as being sacred. These were areas and collections of rocks that it was forbidden to touch because they held the spirits of ancestors.

Of course, this is really only relevant to us because Jennifer Lawrence was recently on the Graham Norton show where she told a story about how she scratched her butt on those rocks.

The story was basically that while she was filming The Hunger Games, she needed to scratch really badly while she was standing on some rocks that she had been warned not to touch. So she discreetly used one to scratch herself, and as a result, it went tumbling down the hill where it almost killed a camera man.

The people nearby thought it was due to the curse of the rocks, but Jennifer knew the real story.

Jennifer was, of course, just telling the story as an amusing anecdote about how calamitous her psychical awkwardness almost was, but people on the internet were pretty upset about it. The way they saw it, Jennifer was practicing cultural imperialism by disrespecting the Hawaiian traditions. And they made their displeasure known on social media, and eventually J-Law had to apologize.

But come on guys, lighten up.

On the one hand, yes, you should respect the religious traditions of others. And she was probably in the wrong by scratching her butt on the receptacles of the spirits of ancestors. But if it’s that big a deal, maybe don’t let people film there.

Not everything requires knee-jerk outrage vented over social media. She clearly was not meaning any particular harm here, and everyone needs to scratch every now and then. Let’s just let this one go. For once.


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