Here Are Some of the Best Things To Come Out Of The Debate

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Well, it’s been a singularly memorable election cycle this year. We’ve had laughs, horrified gasps, surprisingly earnest conversations with spouses about how best to acquire Canadian citizenship, and desperate late-night calls to therapists. And perhaps nothing has inspired so many of these things as the three presidential debates.

Last night marked the end of this series of debates with the two candidates finally dropping all pretext of civility and resulting to childish name calling. In fact, the phrase “No, you’re the puppet” was even uttered by a man running for President of the United States.

But the debate wasn’t just a showcase of debate tactics that would leave a pre-schooler rolling their eyes, there were even a few things that could be considered positives to emerge from the proceedings.

For instance, Trump officially popularized a new word last night. During several exchanges with Clinton last night, Trump used the word “bigly,” which it might come as a surprise to many to learn is indeed a word. Though some have disputed whether he was actually saying “big league,” which also seems pretty clunky. Either way, #bigly is blowing up Twitter right now.

Second, instead of just resentment like usual, Trump’s distrust of Mexican immigrants inspired a number of food trends in the restaurant world. A restaurant in Oregon is offering a “Bad Hombre Burrito,” inspired by Trump’s use of the phrase during the debate. Similarly, a place in Nashville is advertising the “Bad Hombre Cocktail” which uses “very, very strong, believe me, Mezcal” as well as another cocktail called “the Nasty Woman,” based on an unfortunate turn of phrase by Trump during the debate directed at Clinton.

In a way, that’s a very positive development. Leave it to America’s many creative entrepreneurs to turn one of the worst elections in history into something you can laugh about. After all, it’s that or cry, right?

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