Debbie Reynolds Dies One Day After Daughter Carrie Fisher

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Debbie Reynolds


Just one day after the death of science fiction icon Carrie Fisher, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, has passed.

Reynolds was an accomplished actress herself, having achieved fame at an early age like her daughter by starring in the classic musical, “Singing in the Rain.” Reynolds was an actress in the old Hollywood style, being an accomplished actress, singer,and dancer.

Reynolds later became a noted businesswoman and started her own dance studio that still functions to this day.  And also like her daughter, Reynolds was a noted mental health advocate who served in the Thalian organization, which is a collection of Hollywood actors who help returning veterans deal with mental health issues.

And of course, the story of how Reynolds died is heartbreakingly tragic. Just one day after hearing about the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, Reynolds suffered a debilitating stroke which led to her being hospitalized.

Just minutes before her stroke, Reynolds was at her son Todd’s house discussing arraignments for Carrie’s funeral when she said, “I miss her so much, I want to be with Carrie.”

She died just hours later, making those some of the last words she ever spoke. The phenomenon of dying of a broken heart is sometimes a literal one, with doctors being familiar with the idea of an overflow of stress hormones following the death of a loved one resulting in an enlarging of the heart’s valves, which causes the victim to have an episode similar to a heart attack.

It’s tough to say if this sort of thing contributed to Reynold’s death, as she had long suffered from a number of health problems. But it seems likely that the stress of her first child passing could easily have contributed to the stroke that killed her.

And of course, there is a certain tragic poetry in a mother and daughter passing within days of each other. But let’s hope that this marks the last celebrity death for a long time.


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