Chicago Officially Announces Bernie Mac Day

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Bernie Mac

Image: Youtube

Bernie Mac was considered one of the premiere voices in African American comedy during his life. He rose up from relative obscurity and odd jobs to become one of the nation’s most respected comics. Bernie was in over forty films, including perhaps most notably the Ocean’s Eleven franchise. He also had his own critically acclaimed show, which was named after the actor.

The comedian and entertainer passed away after suffering from a tragic illness in 2008.

Today, a number of other Black comedians came together to offer their respect to the memory of Mac. People like Steve Harvey and Mike Epps were moved to tears as they performed a benefit show for the charity that was set up in Bernie’s name to combat the mysterious disease that killed him, Sarcoidosis.

Steve Harvey choked up as he read out the proclamation designating November 15th as Bernie Mac Day.

In addition, Mike Epps was at Bernie Mac’s former alma mater, the Chicago Vocational School, where he and the principal revealed that the school’s auditorium would henceforth be known as the “Bernie Mac Auditorium.”

It was a moving tribute to one of America’s greatest voices, cut down by disease far before his time. But one hopes that the example he put forward will help inspire the children of Chicago to boldly pursue their own dreams, whatever they may be.

And we can all take a moment on Bernie Mac Day to stop whatever we are doing and take a minute to remember all the joy and laughter that Bernie Mac’s comedy brought into our lives and smile.

And somewhere, perhaps, Bernie himself is smiling back.

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