Fan Starts Gofundme to “Protect” Betty White From 2016

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Betty White

Image: Flickr

2016 has felt like a pretty rough year for celebrity deaths, and we’ve lost quite a few of our most beloved stars since January. Perhaps sensing that she might be next, a fan has started a Gofundme to protect America’s grandmother, Betty White.

Betty is probably best known for her role on Golden Girls, the classic 80’s sitcom, but she has also been pretty prominent as a source of wit and endearing wisdom in the public eye since then.

And of course, she is pretty old at 94, which means she could easily be the next victim of this year. So in order to stop that from happening, a fan named Demetrios Hrysikos launched a funding campaign to protect her. His goal of two-thousand dollars was met within the first twenty-four hours.

Hrysikos has promised to fly to wherever Betty White is and keep a steady watch on her until January first… but only if “she’s cool with it.”

On the condition that she isn’t excited about having “a strange Greek standing guard outside her door,” he has promised to donate all money raised to a local theater.

His reasoning for that is that the theater has produced a number of great artists which will help replenish the ranks of stars that we lost this year.

In one sense, that might help to have someone keeping a constant watch on her health. If she did have some kind of medical episode it would help for her to get help as quickly as possible.

So far, she hasn’t accepted, assuming that she is even aware of that it exists. Maybe someone check if you can reach her on Twitter. And even if she doesn’t, she only has to make it for three more days.

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Carrie Fisher is going to be the last one we lose this year.

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