Ben Higgins Calls It off With Lauren Bushnell

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Image: Youtube

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you probably remember that recapping the last season of the Bachelor started as a fun side-project for me and then gradually drifted into the territory of dangerous obsession.

From the beginning, I was confident that Lauren Bushnell, with her bubbly personality and blonde-ness, would take home the final rose. And that is indeed what happened, with Ben committing to a serious relationship just days after sleeping with two other girls on national TV.

As you might imagine, the fact that Lauren was about to watch some taped episodes of her season only to witness Ben leading other women into the fantasy suite didn’t really bode well for a long future of monogamous bliss.

So maybe that’s why Lauren and Ben just announced that they were calling it quits after some six months of being engaged.

Ben had this to say: “I think this thing sped up real fast, and we haven’t had a second to breathe.” He also added that he thinks they “haven’t done anything.”

This reportedly upset Lauren who reminded Ben that she had moved halfway across the country and changed careers in order to be with him, which counts as something by anyone’s definition. The whole thing was kind of caddish, which plays into something I noticed about Ben the entire series.

He presented himself as a really nice guy who was very religious. He even had a verse from the Bible tattooed on his ribs. Of course, the tattoo quoted the wrong verse, which made it necessary to cover up the mistake with another tattoo.

And that was sort of a metaphor for the man himself. At first glance, he looks great, but when you get down to it he’s sort of just a guy who uses women and reality TV to advance his own interests.

Maybe, that’s harsh. I don’t know him personally. But it’s hard not to feel for Lauren here.

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