31 Celebrities Who Went Broke

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MC Hammer

Image: Huffington Post

Celebrities often seem like they have it all. Fame, friends, the glamorous life and fortune. But then again, some celebrities go broke. It’s hard to have too much sympathy, especially when you consider the differences between celebrity broke and real people broke. That’s why we don’t feel bad about our list of 31 celebrities that went broke.

  • Jack Oliver

    I’m not surprise there are so many blacks on the list.

    • Caillou

      I’m not surprised that this is coming from a white guy

    • Rae Ajiboso

      @JackOliver … you’re a damn idiot. There was just as many whites on the list and if your reading skills were up to par, you can see that a lot of them ended up fine after a rough time. Again, like they said in the beginning, celebrity “broke” is not like regular people broke….I’m sure being a racist computer troll, while living in your mama’s basement brings in all the big dough….gtfoh….

      • Jack Oliver

        It’s “your” you damn idiot. lol You try to insult me and can’t even get it right.

        • Kackzie Wackzie

          Um…you’re wrong. You’re is a contraction of you are. The second use of “your” was also correct as it implies something belonging to you. Again the 2nd use of “your” is correct, since it implies posession, “your mama”. This writer wrote the insult correctly.

          • Jack Oliver

            You obviously have no idea what your talking about.

        • Rae Ajiboso

          Yes, I did insult you and you just insulted yourself…. again….like I said before, You’re (YOU ARE) a damn idiot!….not “YOUR”….that’s a possessive pronoun…..idiot…. *drops mic…my work here is done*

    • Kai

      Why ???

      • Jack Oliver

        because blacks are bad at managing there money and the government just gives them mine and yours through welfare

        • Steven Jay

          Jack Oliver…dumb ass since forever!!! You sure didn’t make good grades out of high school…if you ever went!

  • drmgatsby

    Tell you anything? Throwing money at the blacks is not the answer to America’s black problem.

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      Jerk! These were entertainers, sports celebrities, etc. Money wasn’t “thrown” at them. Most people who aren’t rich and then make a lot of money don’t have the savvy to invest. Not a part of their upbringing. That’s why many people who win the lottery go broke too.

      • drmgatsby

        Thanks, you just made my point.

        • Kackzie Wackzie

          Yes. Your point was made to the many who live on the low road of life and can’t seem to dig their way out of the hole and mental stagnation they live in. I feel sorry that you have remained ignorant and racist into adulthood. Thankfully, your breed is dying out.

    • Jack Oliver

      Right? These liberal apologists can’t seem to understand that the blacks need to improve their lifestyles before they should be trusted with money. Too many drugs and having babies with anything that moves.

      • Rae Ajiboso

        …and this is coming from an internet troll that doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your”…..maybe you should ask some well to do Black people, like myself, to offer you some money so you can further YOUR education because apparently YOU’RE a child left behind… *pulling out pen and check….* How much do you need again?? LMAO!!!!

  • Patricia Hanlon

    I’m not surprised that stupidity regarding finances is interpreted by a racist. Why not laud Asians for not being on the list? Donald Trump and Walt Disney are white, and filed bankruptcy 3 times.

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      Good points. I think the list was limited. I don’t think the article was by any means an in depth expose of rich celebrities who have gone bust. It’s hard to believe that this short list was by any means exhaustive. It is interesting that all the racists saw was color and that became dominant to the point of them relating it to welfare. (See drmgatsby’s comment below if you haven’t read it. I guess “throwing money at blacks” who are celebrities is different than “throwing money” at whites who are celebrities. I have learned that few racists ever changed. They have grown up with racists all their lives, and it is a part of their thought patterns. There is nothing new under the sun. Cain slew Abel and ushered in generations of people who walk the low road in life.

  • Jane Ellen Hautanen

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  • RAZZ

    Gosh…Every damn article I read turns into a race argument!! smdh

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  • Mark Braun

    Sad for Toni Braxton, who was hit with horrible, relentlessly predatory management and a son with some kind of illness.

    Whether by their own hand or another preying on they, greed as the root of every case here.